Are There Ravens in Florida?

There are no ravens living in Florida. Even if you think you may have seen them around in Florida, it’s highly unlikely that the black bird you’ve spotted is a raven. That’s because ravens are neither native nor do they ever migrate to Florida.

Entirely black including the eyes, beak, and legs, the Common Raven is a large bird that lives in deciduous and evergreen forest habitats but also seacoasts, grasslands, high desert, tundra, and more.

Even though ravens cannot be found in Florida, you may be adamant to think you’ve spotted one there. In all likelihood, however, the black bird you have spotted is not a raven but a Fish Crow, which is native to Florida, and looks a lot like a raven.

In this article, I will examine the differences between a raven and a crow, and how these birds are distributed across North America.

Where do Ravens Live?

Ravens live across western and northern North America. They enjoy forest habitats but can be found in lots of diverse habitats.

Ravens do well around people and don’t shy away from rural settlements or even cities and towns. They’re intelligent birds and great problem-solvers. Which incidentally also makes them dangerous predators.

Ravens are omnivorous birds, and a significant proportion of that diet is made up of meat. They can be seen picking on carcasses, raiding the nests of sea birds for eggs and chicks, and even attacking new-born livestock.

Their appetite for chicks, eggs, and even tortoises can endanger vulnerable species such as the Marbled Murrelets.

Ravens are also territorial birds, protecting their territories from intruders during the breeding season.

Why Ravens Don’t Live in Florida?

As the hottest state in the United States, with a sub-tropical climate in its northern and central parts, and a tropical climate in the southern parts, the average annual temperature in Florida is 70.7 F.

Despite thriving in a variety of climates, Florida’s climate simply doesn’t sit well with ravens.

So, now that you know why there aren’t any ravens living in Florida, what are the black birds in Florida you’re supposedly mistaking for ravens?

What are the Black Birds in Florida?

The black birds that, at first glance, look a lot like a raven are actually crows. There are actually two types of crows in Northern America – the American Crow and the Fish Crow.

The American Crow can be found throughout the United States, while the Fish Crow can be found throughout most of eastern United States.

The American Crow is a short-distance migratory bird, while the Fish Crow is non-migratory. American Crows that stay in Canada during the breeding season will migrate to the United States for the winter.

Therefore, if you’re seeing a black bird in Florida that looks a lot like a raven, you’re either seeing an American Crow or a Fish Crow, both of which can be found in Florida year-round.

What is the Difference Between a Crow and Raven?

As I mentioned, it’s easy to mistake one bird for the other, especially if you’re not seeing them side by side. It doesn’t help that they’re both black from head to toe and

If you were to see them next to each other, you’d immediately notice that one of them is much larger than the other.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two based on their physical features:

– Size

The American Crow has a length of 16-20 inches, while the Common Raven has a length of 22-31 inches, therefore, being noticeably bigger than the crow.

– Wings

Ravens have a larger wingspan and the feathers on the ends of wings are shaped like open fingers. The wingspan of crows is smaller, and the end feathers are shorter, compared to those of the raven.

– Throat Feathers

Another difference between a crow and a raven is the throat feathers. Crows have smooth throat feathers, while ravens have long, fancy throat feathers.

– Beak Shape

There are also differences in the shape of the beak. Crows have smaller, flat beaks, without any tuft of feather atop the beak. Ravens have larger beaks that are curved and covered with a tuft of hair on the top.

– Tail Shape

Even the shape of the tail is different. The tail of the raven ends in a V-shape, while crows have fan-shaped tails.

– Calls

The sounds and calls ravens and crows make are also different. Ravens give out a low, hoarse croaking sound, while crows give out a higher-pitched ‘caw-caw’ sound.


Ravens seem to have the monopoly of being the instantly recognizable large, black bird. So, it’s understandable that someone not familiar with the differences between them will mistake a crow for a raven.

Except in Florida. Since there are no ravens living in Florida, the relatively large bird you may spot that reminds you of a raven is one of the two types of crows I mentioned – the American crow or the Fish crow.

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