Bullfinches Nesting, Eggs and Breeding Habits

The breeding habits of bullfinches are fine-tuned for raising multiple broods per season. At least, that’s what we can conclude from observing their mating and breeding practices. From the way bullfinches form pairs to the fact that their breeding season starts early, everything seems to be pointing to the fact that bullfinches are intent on … Read more

Can You Keep Bullfinches as Pet?

Bullfinches have a tumultuous history in their relationship with humans. A couple centuries ago, Bullfinches were popular and kept as cage birds. They were tamed easily and even and even taught to imitate melodies. But there have been times when bullfinches were vilified and considered a foe, especially because of their appetite for fresh buds … Read more

How do Bullfinches Survive in Winter?

Because of the areas they inhabit and their varied diet, bullfinches adapt to winter conditions, especially when food availability is not a problem. Although bullfinches have a reputation of eating fresh buds of fruit trees, their diet adapts to the season, which ensures their survival during the winter. There seems to be a confusion about … Read more

10 Interesting Facts About Bullfinches

A small bird with a stocky build, the Bullfinch can be found in a large geographical area that extends from Ireland through northern Europe as well as temperate regions of Asia. With a colorful plumage and a low, quiet whistle, the Bullfinch is an elusive and unobtrusive bird that prefers dense, mixed woodlands with a … Read more

How Long Do Bullfinches Live?

As one of the largest finches, iconic for its colorful plumage, bullfinches don’t have a typically long lifespan, especially when compared to the lifespan of other finches. Finches commonly live 5 to 10 years, although some finches can live as much as 15 to 20 years. But how about bullfinches? How long do bullfinches live? … Read more

What do Bullfinches Eat?

Whether you’re looking to attract bullfinches to your backyard or orchard, or you’re simply satisfying your curiosity, in this article I will give you a thorough overview of what bullfinches eat. With a bulky build and colorful plumage, bullfinches can be found throughout Europe and temperate Asia. They prefer mixed woodlands for breeding, and they … Read more