7 Large Birds with Long Legs

Large birds with long legs are the best reminder that most modern birds have evolved from a group of two-legged dinosaurs known as theropods. Their sizable body, large wingspan, long necks and long legs certainly give these birds a prehistoric vibe. Crane, flamingos, herons and spoonbills share several similarities that go beyond their large bodies … Read more

7 Small Red Birds in Georgia

They’re small, they’re red and they’re out and about in your backyard. Wondering what they are? There’s a high chance it’s one of the small red birds that I discuss in my article below. If you’re located in the state of Georgia and you often keep an eye out for birds, you may already be … Read more

7 Small Yellow Birds in Illinois

Depending on the season, you may spot many or very few yellow birds in Illinois. Spring is the best season for watching birds, especially if you’re looking for small yellow birds. During the breeding season, there are several species of birds with yellow plumage in the state of Illinois. I’m going to discuss the 7 … Read more

7 Small Hawk Species

When it comes to the size of hawks, small is relative seeing how these predatory birds are by nature generally larger specimens than many other bird species. Even so, there are a few hawk species that don’t stand as tall as their larger cousins. This article will take a look at the hawks that are … Read more

7 Small Blue Backyard Birds

When it comes to blue backyard birds, the Blue Jay is one that naturally springs to mind. But the blue plumage is luckily not unique only to them. There are several small bird species that sport plumage colored in various shades of blue. Without being exhaustive, I’ll list some of the common bird species that … Read more

7 Small Brown Backyard Birds

When you’re thinking of small brown birds, sparrows may be the first ones to come to mind. And rightfully so. They’re abundant in towns, farms, and wherever else people live. So, naturally, they’re in your backyard too. But sparrows aren’t the only small brown birds you’ll see in your backyard. There are others too, especially … Read more

7 Small Black Backyard Birds

They’re small, they’re black, and they’re in your backyard – singing, feeding, or even setting up nests. They’re the small black birds that visit your garden, searching for food or stocking up on seeds from your bird feeders. Some might even look similar, others are entirely unique in their plumage, body or beak shape. If … Read more