7 Backyard Birds that Eat Wasps

If you hate wasps, you’ll love the following birds that make it their mission to hunt down many insects, including wasps. You may think of wasps as a food source for birds because of the danger their stinging may pose. Turns out the birds that eat wasps are actually smart enough to avoid getting stung. … Read more

7 Small Crested Backyard Birds

Some birds have feathers on their heads that form a crest, often making these birds look larger than they actually are. If you’ve noticed these crested birds in your backyard, it’s because some of these routinely visit backyards in hope of finding seeds or bird feeders. Below, I’ll introduce you to some common small, crested … Read more

7 Small Backyard Birds with Red Beak

In the avian world, the focus is almost always on the color of the plumage, the color of the beak doesn’t seem to have that much importance. Males of bird species will often display the colors of their plumage in various mating rituals to successfully attract a mate. The color of the beak doesn’t get … Read more

7 Small Blue Backyard Birds

When it comes to blue backyard birds, the Blue Jay is one that naturally springs to mind. But the blue plumage is luckily not unique only to them. There are several small bird species that sport plumage colored in various shades of blue. Without being exhaustive, I’ll list some of the common bird species that … Read more

7 Small Brown Backyard Birds

When you’re thinking of small brown birds, sparrows may be the first ones to come to mind. And rightfully so. They’re abundant in towns, farms, and wherever else people live. So, naturally, they’re in your backyard too. But sparrows aren’t the only small brown birds you’ll see in your backyard. There are others too, especially … Read more

7 Small Black Backyard Birds

They’re small, they’re black, and they’re in your backyard – singing, feeding, or even setting up nests. They’re the small black birds that visit your garden, searching for food or stocking up on seeds from your bird feeders. Some might even look similar, others are entirely unique in their plumage, body or beak shape. If … Read more