What do Bullfinches Eat?

Whether you’re looking to attract bullfinches to your backyard or orchard, or you’re simply satisfying your curiosity, in this article I will give you a thorough overview of what bullfinches eat. With a bulky build and colorful plumage, bullfinches can be found throughout Europe and temperate Asia. They prefer mixed woodlands for breeding, and they … Read more

7 Small Red Backyard Birds

The pigments responsible for coloring the plumage of some red birds are said to be the result of a genetic mutation. The scarlet plumage is an important asset for these birds – it can help them defend their territories and in mating. Vermilion Flycatcher An avid hawker of flying insects, the Vermilion Flycatcher is a … Read more

7 Small Yellow Backyard Birds

They’re small, they’re yellow, and they’re chattering and chirping away in your backyard. If you’re interested to find out which yellow birds are visiting your garden, in this article, I’m going to discuss 7 small yellow birds that you might spot in your backyard. Prairie Warbler A small (only 4.3 inches in length) and slender … Read more

5 Black Birds with Red Head

Scarlet feathers on some black birds makes them instantly recognizable. Who doesn’t know the Red-headed Woodpecker, for example? The red plumage on several species of birds has long been the subject of study for ornithologists. It turns out that the scarlet feathers are produced by a genetic mutation. Molecules called carotenoids are responsible for producing … Read more

5 Black Birds with Yellow Head

Because of the contrast between the dark plumage and the yellow-colored feathers covering the head, these black birds are easy to spot. In some of these birds, the yellow feathers cover only part of the head, while in other birds the entire head and breast is covered in yellow, creating a hooded effect. Here are … Read more

5 Black Birds with Yellow Beaks

Several black birds have yellow beaks, making it easy to spot them, despite their often-elusive nature. But several black birds with yellow beaks look very similar, so how can you tell them apart? I’ll discuss 5 common black birds that sport a yellow beak, and help you identify and distinguish them from one another when … Read more