7 Large Birds with Long Legs

Large birds with long legs are the best reminder that most modern birds have evolved from a group of two-legged dinosaurs known as theropods. Their sizable body, large wingspan, long necks and long legs certainly give these birds a prehistoric vibe. Crane, flamingos, herons and spoonbills share several similarities that go beyond their large bodies … Read more

7 Backyard Birds that Eat Wasps

If you hate wasps, you’ll love the following birds that make it their mission to hunt down many insects, including wasps. You may think of wasps as a food source for birds because of the danger their stinging may pose. Turns out the birds that eat wasps are actually smart enough to avoid getting stung. … Read more

7 Small Red Birds in Georgia

They’re small, they’re red and they’re out and about in your backyard. Wondering what they are? There’s a high chance it’s one of the small red birds that I discuss in my article below. If you’re located in the state of Georgia and you often keep an eye out for birds, you may already be … Read more

7 Small Yellow Birds in Illinois

Depending on the season, you may spot many or very few yellow birds in Illinois. Spring is the best season for watching birds, especially if you’re looking for small yellow birds. During the breeding season, there are several species of birds with yellow plumage in the state of Illinois. I’m going to discuss the 7 … Read more

7 Small Crested Backyard Birds

Some birds have feathers on their heads that form a crest, often making these birds look larger than they actually are. If you’ve noticed these crested birds in your backyard, it’s because some of these routinely visit backyards in hope of finding seeds or bird feeders. Below, I’ll introduce you to some common small, crested … Read more

7 Birds that Look Like Pigeons

Pigeons are an ubiquitous presence in public squares, parks, busy streets, and anywhere really where you’d also find lots of people. Their lives are closely intertwined with that of humans, which also makes the pigeon an easily identifiable bird. However, there are several other birds that look like pigeons and that are commonly mistaken for … Read more

Are There Flamingos in Florida?

There are many things to love about the Sunshine State, and now you can add another item to your list of things you can do in Florida: flamingo spotting. Which flamingo species can you spot in the state of Florida? Where are flamingos located in Florida and when’s the best time to spot them, are … Read more

Are Flamingos Endangered? Facts & Figures

There are six species of flamingos living in various regions of the world. The population tendency of some flamingo species is increasing, others are stable, while some are rapidly decreasing. In this article, I’m going to examine whether any flamingo species are endangered and the reasons why flamingo populations are vulnerable species. I’m also going … Read more

What is a Flock of Flamingos Called?

Elegant yet whimsical, flamingos are easily recognized after their pink plumage, thin legs and slender bodies that support their long, flexible necks. As one of the more social birds in the avian world, flamingos are never solitary. They like to gather in large groups that feed together, travel together, and breed at the same time. … Read more